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Visa Fees
You must pay the applicable Visa fee and Service charge when submitting your application. The Visa fees are determined based on your Nationality and Type of Entry to Japan. Please refer to the table given below to know your visa fees:

Visa Fees till 31st March 2011
Country Single Multiple Transit
Thai 1080 2160 260
India 300 300 20
Iran 1820 3640 1820

Please note the Visa fees will change from 01st April 2011:
Visa Fees from 01st April 2011:
Country Single Multiple Transit
Thai 1100 2200 260
India 300 300 20
Iran 1820 3640 1820

Exceptions for visa fees only:
• Tourist traveling to Okinawa prefecture are exempted from paying visa fees by proving that their destination as Okinawa prefecture with their itinerary from the tour company. Tour leaders are not applicable for this exemption.
• Students of ASEAN nationality and can prove that they are under graduate of Bachelor degree by submitting original certificate of enrollment are exempted from paying visa fees. If the certificate is not submitted, applicant will have to pay the visa fees. Certificate can not be substituted by student registration card or copies of the certificate.
• Certain country nationals are exempted from visa fee payment, kindly contact our helpline +66 2 632 1541 to know the countries exempted from the visa fee payment

Please Note:
• Visa Fee is refunded only if the visa is not approved by the embassy.
• There is a service charge of 535 Thai Baht (inclusive of 7% VAT) levied per application over and above the visa fees.
• Service charge will be levied on applicants exempted from paying visa fees.
• Applicants submitting their application at JVAC in Bangkok may opt to receive their passport by courier to an office / residence address or collect the passport from a Thailand Post office. This optional courier return service can be availed at a nominal additional cost of 125 THB (inclusive of 7% VAT) per application.
• All charges (Visa Fee, Service charges and other optional charges) are to be paid in cash only in Thai Baht