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The required documents for applying visa


The required documents for applying Tourist/Family Visit Visa (L Visa)
1. The original passport with at least one blank visa page and at least 6-month validity.
2. One properly completed Visa Application Form. American citizens are required to fill in two Visa Application Forms.
3. One recent passport photo attached on the Visa Application Form. American citizens need to offer two photos.
4. If necessary, applicants are required to offer the Round-trip Airline Ticket, Hotel Booking in China, Traveler's Check or the Bank Deposit Certificate.
5. Non-Thai citizens should provide valid Thai visa or residence permit or other document to prove their legal status in Thailand.

1. Thai Citizens holding valid passports are exempt from Hong Kong Visa/Entry Permit if they enter Hong Kong for sightseeing, visiting relatives, business or taking part in conferences and they stay in Hong Kong for less than 30 days.
2. Thai Citizens are exempt from Macao Visa/Entry Permit for up to 30 days.

Visa Fees
1. Regular Visa Fee per Person
Visa Types Thai Citizens American Citizens Citizens of Other Countries
Single-Entry Visa THB 1,000 THB 4560 THB 1,100
Double-Entry Visa THB 2,000 THB 4560 THB 1,650
Multi-Entry Visa with 6-month Validity THB 3,000 THB 4560 THB 2,200
Multi-Entry Visa with 12-month Validity THB 4,500 THB 4560 THB 3,300

2. Expedited Service Fee per Person The regular processing time of a visa is 4 working days. For urgent cases, the expedited service is available. Moreover, additional fees will be paid as following:
1 working day processing THB 1,200
2-3 working days processing THB 800